Ex: Tortola Sail - British Virgin Isles 2004

This years Regimental Sailing exercise went to the Caribbean for 9 days, and a fantastic time was had by all.

Here's a selection of images from the exercise...

Lying in Wait...

...And They're Off!

The Open Sea

A Quick Stop for Lunch...


No Matter how far you go...!

Nice Hats!!

Click to watch video...

We stop for the night at Virgin Gorda

Making friends with the locals!

Naughty bouy!

The turtles head was poking out...

So we took a closer look!

Looking Cool!

Another lunchtime spot

From the air...

There was always time for a swim

Or a paddle...


Another day, another dollar...

Nice shades!

Pussar's Landing

Hawaii 5-O!

It all proved a little bit too much for some!